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Peace is a Blessing

Good Shabbos!

This week we read Parshas Nasso. In Parshas Nasso, we find the famous blessings that the Kohanim bless the Jewish people with. These three blessings represent the full gamut of material and spiritual blessings that we can receive in this world.

The first blessing ends with the plea that Hashem should protect us. Rashi explains that this protection is a gift unique to Hashem, because no human can guarantee another person the ability to retain the gifts they are given. Without this blessing, anything good we have can always be taken away. Similarly the last blessing ends with a blessing that Hashem will grant us peace. The Sifra explains that the blessings are “sealed” (completed) with peace because a blessing cannot be enjoyed if a person doesn’t have peace.

Over the past two weeks, we’ve seen these points illustrated in dramatic fashion. From Israel to New York, Toronto to LA, we’ve suffered from a lack of peace and protection.

This Shabbos, let us daven (pray) for peace and protection not just for ourselves but for the whole Jewish people and for the whole world.

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